The Best Teriyaki Sauce

The best teriyaki sauce is made with fresh, raw fish. It is said that the Japanese use a mix of soy sauce and mirin ( sweet Japanese soy sauce ) to prepare their teriyaki sauce. I believe the recipe originated in China, was later adopted and now is one of the most popular recipes around. I was introduced to it while visiting Tokyo a few years ago and can vouch for its flavour!

The best part of this restaurant is that it is priced very reasonably. The food is cheap but the portions are huge! For a single person you can get a full meal that can feed an entire family easily! If you have a bigger group I would suggest splitting the cost into two, so each person gets what they want. Another good thing about this restaurant is that it offers a lot of different dishes so if you don’t like the teriyaki sauce you can always go for something else.

I like this restaurant because the staff are so friendly and attentive. The young wait staff make your orders in a jiffy and are always on hand to answer your questions. The best teriyaki marinade is not just a condiment or marinade either. It’s a rich sauce made with vegetables and meat. It’s a wonderful complement to anything you want to make for your food and it works great with a lot of Japanese dishes.

The teriyaki sauce goes well with seafood, meats and vegetables. Japanese love making seafood dishes and using the teriyaki sauce makes it even tastier. In fact you can make it in advance and freeze it to use whenever you want. It keeps its flavour for a long time and reheating it isn’t required!

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I’ve tried a few different brands and it’s really hard to determine which one is better. I usually end up going with the immeasurable greatness of soy sauce. It doesn’t have any flavour of its own but it works perfectly with all kinds of Japanese dishes and almost anything. One company also makes a ranch flavor version which is really tasty. It has a very peppery taste which is perfect for any kind of Japanese dish.

There are a couple companies that make a version of the teriyaki sauce that is called Baby Ritsu. It’s not quite as creamy as the immeasurable greatness of soy sauce and has a much more robust taste. I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but it’s close. I love this sauce and I hope that one day baby ritsu will come back in all its glory and I’ll be able to make my own secret recipe!